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Check Out Necessary Tools For Successful Social Media Campaign. Try Social Media Monitoring for free. Analyzeyour results, monitor hashtags and mentions It seems that the list of options in terms of Social Media companies is endless. But it is. crucial to decide which type of social media marketing you will get. Then choose the bes With Google Analytics, you can learn exactly the type of content your audience responds to and the social networks they prefer. With that knowledge, you can drive moretraffic and leads to your website—while also proving the ROI of social. You can even use Google Analytics to track vital social media metricswith just a few simple steps Richten Sie einen Google Analytics-Account zur Verfolgung und Messung Ihrer Social Media-Initiativen ein. Auf diese Weise können Sie den Social Media-ROI für Ihr Unternehmen angemessen belegen. Unser Leitfaden hilft Ihnen dabei, Ihre Social Media-Aktivitäten in 6 einfachen Schritten mit Google Analytics zu messen. 1

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Some of the most common goals are traffic, downloads, dwell time and page views. You can add your social media goals by logging into your Google Analytics account and clicking on the Admin tab. Then Click on View and click Goals and New Goal. Let's assume that your goal is to track total newsletter subscriptions Natürlich zeichnet Google Analytics auch mit den Standardeinstellungen sämtlichen Traffic von den verschiedenen Social Media Plattformen auf. Doch wer einmal versucht hat über seinen Google.. Vorteile der Social Media Berichte in Google Analytics Es gibt natürlich unzählige interne und externe Tools zur Analyse der Kampagnen. Statistiken wie die Facebook Insights oder Analytics in Pinterest, YouTube etc. zeigen dir Details zu Reichweiten, Interaktionen, Klicks und vieles mehr auf That's why using Google Analytics for social media is so important! The platform lets you track leads all the way from ad viewed to conversion and anywhere in between. We know, Google Analytics gives advertisers A LOT of complex information Google Analytics shows the breakdown of which channels are sending traffic to your website. The image above shows that 15% of traffic is coming from social, which accounts for nearly 150,000 visits each month. You can even review how much traffic you get from specific social media networks. Simply go to Acquisition > Social > Network Referrals

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Google Analytics kann also nicht wissen, welche Beiträge auf Facebook geliked oder geteilt worden sind. Diese Infos liefern die Analytics Tools der verschiedenen Social Media Netzwerke. In Folgenden werden alle Berichte unter dem Menüpunkt Soziale Netzwerke kurz vorgestellt. Des Weiteren soll im letzten Abschnitt auf das standardmässig von Google Analytics verwendete Last-Click-Modell. One of the essential features of Google Analytics is goal setting where you can set up goalsfor your website. The tool will measure your performance against the set goals. Follow the steps given below to set up goals on Google Analytics - Click on the 'Admin Tab' button

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In Google Analytics, open the social media report page. Click Percentage to open that view. Choose Transactions as your primary metric (the column next to Social Network.) In the Contribution to total, choose Revenue Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications Google Analytics also offers the option of setting up a Segment specifically for your social media channels. It involves filters and conditions and sources and lots of other technical steps to go through before it will begin to measure the metrics you want though

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  1. Über Google Analytics können Unternehmen demnächst bessere Einblicke bekommen. Phil Mui von Google Analytics erklärt, dass die meisten Analysetools von Social Media in erster Linie zuhören - sie zählen Erwähnungen, Retweets usw. Das sind zwar wichtige Metriken, so Mui
  2. Getting Started with Google Analytics and Social Media Metrics. Impactful marketing strikes the perfect balance between creativity and science. Creativity is what brings us compelling headlines, beautiful videos, and clever social media captions. Science-the analytics-is what we use to measure and improve the effectiveness of that work. Analytics tells us what has performed well in the.
  3. With Google Analytics, you will be able to learn about your visitors and social networks they prefer to stay with. With this, you can bring more traffic to your website and measure the R.O.I. of social media. Measuring R.O.I. of social media will give you insight into what method is working and what is not. It allows you to move your resources to make them work effectively
  4. Why: Social reports from Google Analytics allow social media marketers to understand what impact social media has now or later in the sales conversion process. They also shed light on the types of content that resonate best with your social audience with respect to driving traffic and activity on your website. Back in May of this year, Lisa Barone provided some outstanding insights on these.

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Braucht man Social Listening und Google Analytics, um den Social Media ROI zu finden? Nennungen in den sozialen Netzwerken werden von Google Analytics nicht erfasst. Ausgaben hingegen schon, können aber oftmals nicht einfach so mit Social Listening kombiniert werden. Unser neues Feature hilft Ihnen dabei, den Weg von Nennung zu Conversion nachzuvollziehen, direkt in der Plattform und ohne. Social Media-Verweise in Google-Analytics - das lässt sich tracken. Generell kann ich die Zahl der Besucher, die meine Webseite über die sozialen Medien erhält, leicht in meinem Google Analytics-Konto über Berichte und Akquisition einsehen. Einen Überblick erhalte ich unter Top-Channels, weitere Details, wenn ich auf Social drücke und dort die unterschiedlichen. Google Analytics will give you all the data you need to measure your social media marketing. Google Analytics gives you data, like: What types of content topics work for your audience? Which platform brings the most traffic back to your website? What does your social media traffic do once they've reached your site? Are they engaged or do they exit right away? When you know this data, you can.

Weitere Google-Analytics-Ressourcen. Vielleicht gibt es rund um Google Analytics nicht ganz so viele Tools und Werkzeuge, wie es SEO-Tools gibt, aber es gibt doch zahlreiche interessante Referenzen, Ressourcen, Bücher und Blogs, die einem das Thema Google Analytics deutlich erleichtern. Hier habe ich für dich wichtige Referenzen, Google Analytics Tools und Ressourcen zusammengestellt, die. Using Google Analytics for tracking social media engagement has its own limitations since you can't track metrics like follower count and reach of your posts. That means in conjunction with Google Analytics, you'll also want to use insights offered by different social networking sites to track your awareness campaign. However, the main benefit of using Google Analytics for tracking brand. In Google Analytics, for example, marketers navigate to the Acquisition section in the menu and select Social. The Social segment contains several reports that highlight social media related. While Google Analytics is built for analyzing website traffic down to the last detail, it is very useful for analyzing the impact of social media as a marketing channel and source of traffic. Click through to Acquisition > Social > Overview, and you can check out how many visits your site receives from each of the major social networks. You can tie this back to your bottom line using goals and. Analyze social media with internet monitoring. Measure number of mentions, reach and more. Check 10+ best social media analytics tools. Improve your social media results

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Google Analytics - Social Segment . Another drop-down menu appears and you select Contains. A text field will appear and then you type in the text that identifies one of your social channels, for instance, facebook.com. Then click OR to add another field and repeat until you've entered all your social media sources. You can even add blogs, local networking sites or. Google Analytics social media tracking, or Social Analytics, is an easy to use tool that helps with measuring your social media performance. Here are some tips to get you started with setting up and using Google Analytics social settings for reporting on social media analytics. 1. Determine your goals . First, you need to decide what your social media goals are. What is most important for you. So let's show you how to use Google Analytics for social media with our step-by-step guide. Step 1: Establish Your Goals. Just like every other aspect of your business, you need to start with establishing goals. Your objectives need to be aligned with your overall business strategy, and you need to know those goals so you can determine what to track in Google Analytics. Let's use an. Here are 4 key Google Analytics metrics that will help you track your social media results and fine tune your campaigns to perfection. View Social Media Traffic With social media traffic analytics, you can determine which sites are delivering the most visitors Through Google Analytics, we have the power to prove the value of social media marketing. Here are eight reports and tools to help us do just that

Social Media Aus dem Kurs: Google Analytics: Kampagnen-Tracking Jetzt einen Monat gratis testen Video-Training, wie Sie Kampagnen für unterschiedliche Ausspielkanäle aufsetzen und wie Sie deren Ergebnisse mit Google Analytics ganz gezielt nachvollziehen. Lassen Sie sich zeigen, welche Vorgehensweisen und Werkzeuge es gibt, um von der Planung bis zur Erfolgsmessung Ihre Kampagnen mit. Step 1) Create Google Analytics campaigns for each of your social networks. There are 3 utms you will need to pass to Google Analytics to create a campaign (for each network). This will allow you to segment the data for these campaigns based on this criteria. (For more information on Url Tagging, see our past post). utm_campaig Google Analytics is a very powerful tool to measure your performance. This article outlines some ways of tracking the benefit you get from social media. Setting up Goals Goals within Google analytics are essential. When you get visitors to your site you ideally want them to do something that helps move you Google Analytics is a user-friendly analytical tool to help your digital brand expand its audience in the most efficient and targeted way possible. It's important to know how to establish a successful Google Analytics campaign and how to combine it with social media to get the most out of your social media efforts

As marketers, we'd like to know if we are getting traffic from social media sites like Facebook or YouTube, and what that traffic is doing. (Materials at htt.. Using a Google Analytics social media dashboard is an easy way to share social & website performance with clients, as opposed to crawling through Google Analytics as well as all your social media platforms and creating a manual report every time your client has a question. Using a dashboard will save you time and increase your productivity The Google Analytics Social Media dashboard looks at the actions that users take after learning about your brand on social media. Uses one-click integrations: Google Analytics; If you don't use Google Analytics, you can pull data from any of our 70+ one-click, native.

Here is the answer to the question Which section of Google Analytics can tell you whether visitors have found your website via social media?. Below is the solution for this question 96. Which section of Google Analytics can tell you whether visitors have found your website via social media? Site search. Acquisition. Behaviour. Search Consol Do You Need Both Social Listening & Google Analytics to Find Social Media ROI? Social mentions are unrecognized by Google Analytics. To attribute revenue to social media, social data integration is necessary. Using our new feature, you can track conversations to conversions, measure social media and web analytics. Talkwalker's social listening tool will find all mentions and interactions.

To associate certain social media campaigns in Google Analytics, you can build URLs with the URL builder, so you understand the traffic is coming from certain campaigns. The URL builder is a two-step process that starts with entering the URL you want to track, and then applying URL parameters Social Media mit Google Analytics analysieren. Google Analytics bietet unter Besucherquellen Neuerdings Soziale Netzwerke. Hiermit ist es noch leichter möglich, seine Social Media Aktivitäten zu tracken

Add Social Media Goals in Google Analytics For Social Media Traffic. Now that you have set up a Google Analytics tracking code for your website, it's time to add your social media goals to your Google Analytics Dashboard. Some of the most common goals are traffic, downloads, dwell time, and page views. You can add your social media goals by logging into your Google Analytics account and. In today's market, social media is the new word of mouth and for marketing and sales pros to be successful it is crucial to know how to leverage these platforms. This Vision Training Systems course bundle includes 11 different courses ranging from Facebook, Google Analytics, Marketing with Google and many others

Social media engagement Your signature is required on the questionnaire and also on the agreement documents. Note: You MUST have completed 1 month minimum with Google Analytics before we can send your first report Google Analytics & social media Analyse the effects of your online activities across your homepage and social media and focus on the efficiency of your webshop and campaigns with InfoSuite Web Analytics. One total overview of homepage trafic, webshop performance and much more Visitors on your website leave large amounts of data that are gathered in Google Analytics, which opens the.

Das ist nun anders. Google Analytics wertet soziale Netzwerke aus. Wichtig für alle, die wissen wollen, ob sich ihr Social Media Marketing überhaupt lohnt. Und Google Analytics macht seine Sache ziemlich gut. Mehr Reichweite mit sozialen Netzwerken. Soziale Netzwerke, allen voran Facebook, bieten das Potenzial für extrem hohe Reichweiten. Losgelöst von Suchmaschinentraffic, wie Google ihn. This is definitely something that people who learn how to use Google Analytics for social media marketing are going to be able to do, but it's slightly more advanced - and it means creating multiple landing pages (or conversion codes) so that you really understand the impact that social media marketing is having on your overall bottom line. schließlich, they are is absolutely no reason.

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Enhanced trend monitoring is the key evolution here - using Google's evolving tools, the new Analytics can automatically alert users to significant changes in their data: Like products seeing rising demand because of new customer needs. It even helps you anticipate future actions your customers may take Did you know that social media spend will increase by 71% in the next five years? And did you know that 42.3% of marketers believe that social media has Google Analytics ist für die Auswertung der Daten bis zu zehn Millionen Aktionen pro Monat kostenlos. Bei Matomo werden alle Daten vollständig für die Auswertungen herangezogen - es gibt keine Limits. Hierbei gilt es aber zwischen den zwei Versionen von Matomo zu unterscheiden. Die Self-Hosting-Option kann kostenlos heruntergeladen werden. Wenn man die Matomo Cloud nutzen möchte, bietet. Using Google Analytics to Track Social Media Referrals. Social media referrals are visits that came to your website from a social media platform. This referral can be: a reader sharing blog content from your site, an ad suggesting one of your products or services, or; the call-to-action on your business' social network profile. Google Analytics will identify which site provided the visitor. If you are using the next generation of Google Analytics, refer to the Google Analytics 4 properties section of this help center. About Social plugins and interactions . Many social networks provide embeddable buttons and widgets that allow users to easily share content from the web or from an app (e.g., the Twitter share button). User interactions with these embedded social buttons represent.

Unter Social Media verstehen wir die digitalen Medien und Internettechnologien, die es ermöglichen, sich untereinander auszutauschen und mediale Inhalte interaktiv zu gestalten. Die bekanntesten Beispiele sind Facebook. und Google. Als Kommunikationsmittel werden dabei Text, Bild, Audio oder Video verwendet. Unternehmen und Organisationen nutzen inzwischen immer intensiver diese Medien zu. Google Analytics kann ohne diese UTM-Parameter deinen Newsletter, deine Facebook Ads oder auch deine Displaykampagnen nicht zuordnen. Google Analytics kennt im Prinzip nur 2 Möglichkeiten, wie ein Nutzer auf die Seite kommt. Er kann über einen Referrer(Link) auf deine Website kommen oder nicht (Direkt) In Analytics stehen Ihnen vordefinierte Segmente, sogenannte Systemsegmente, zur Verfügung, die Sie wie vorgesehen verwenden oder kopieren und bearbeiten können, um neue benutzerdefinierte Segmente zu erstellen. Auch die Erstellung neuer Segmente ist möglich. Zudem können Sie Segmente aus de Google Analytics ermöglicht auch die Auswertung der Social Media Publiziert 30. Juni 2011 Nachdem Google mit dem Google +1 Button und Google+ für Aufsehen sorgte, wird nun endlich auch die Auswertung der Nutzung dieser sowie der anderen Social Media möglich 1. Open your Google Analytics account. 2. Navigate to the Traffic Sources report. 3. Open the Social reports section. 4. Select Social Plugins. 5. Above the table of data choose 'Social Source and Action' 6. Check all the social buttons you have are reporting data here. Identify the best days to use social media

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Using Google Analytics social reports to measure impact. Google Analytics introduced a new Social report suite in March 2012. This makes it much easier to evaluate the contribution of traffic from social media domains and sharing of content from your site on social networks Flackable, a national, full-service public relations agency headquartered in Philadelphia, today announces Google Analytics, Google Search Console and social media integration within Flackable's All-Access Client Portal, a platform providing real-time, on demand campaign metrics and status reporting.. Flackable's All-Access Client Portal empowers brands with unprecedented clarity.

Mit Google Analytics Social Media messen Die Bedeutung von Social Media für die Besucherzahlen einer Webpräsenz steigt immer mehr. Und ein effektives Tool für Messung der Social Media Aktivitäten bietet sich mit Google Analytics an. Ich bin der Ansicht, dass der Traffic, der von den Social Media Sites auf die eigentliche Webpräsenz kommt jedoch sehr genau nachvollzogen werden kann Knowing how your social media traffic impacts your site... can provide clear guidance on which resources are best used to respond to a crisis. How Google Analytics Social Media Reports Help.. Wie Google den Traffic verschiedenster Quellen den Kanälen zuordnet, ist in der Google Analytics Hilfe ausführlich dokumentiert. Facebook Traffic im Channel-Bericht Während in der Standard-Gruppierung von Google Analytics im Traffic von Suchmaschinen nach Paid und Organic unterschiedenen wird, gibt es für den Bereich Paid Social keinen eigenen Kanal

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For more information on implementing Social Plug-in Analytics, see the Social Interactions Analytics Guide. GATC Social Tracking Method . _trackSocial(network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath) Method Details _trackSocial() _trackSocial(network, socialAction, opt_target, opt_pagePath) Constructs and sends the social tracking call to the Google Analytics Tracking Code. Use this to record. If we then head to the Social reports inside Google Analytics this will show us a combined total. The reports will include both our paid and organic traffic. Remember you can always drill-down to split your paid and organic traffic using the other Acquisition reports. Social reports inside Google Analytics Google Analytics includes a dedicated set of Social reports. I like these reports. Das Nutzerverhalten mit Google Analytics auswerten. In diesem Blogartikel möchte ich auf Features eingehen, um noch genauer die Nutzeraktivitäten auswerten zu können. Außerdem habe ich einige Fragen zum letzten Blogartikel bezüglich der Absprungrate erhalten und möchte darauf eingehen, wie du diese Absprungrate so anpassen kannst, dass sie eher die tatsächliche Nutzung der Seiten deiner.

Boost Your Business Fast With Marketing, Google Analytics and Social Media - Buy Now! Learn how to master powerful social media platforms for personal and business use. Social media is the new word of mouth and for marketing to be successful it is crucial to know how to leverage these platforms Social Traffic bezeichnet den Traffic, der über soziale Netzwerke und Social-Media-Plattformen auf Ihre Website, mobile Site oder mobile App kommt. Zum Beispiel wird eine Person in Ihrem Digital-Analytics-Report zum Social Traffic gezählt, wenn sie auf einen Tweet oder einen Facebook-Post klickt und danach auf der Website Ihrer Marke ankommt. Social Traffic kann entweder bezahlter oder. Boost Your Business Fast With Marketing, Google Analytics and Social Media REDEEM VOUCHER. £1,000. Enquire Now × Get Free Course Advice and Guidance Please provide your details and one of our specialist course advisors will contact you shortly. Learn more about how we use your data. Buy Now. Learn how to master powerful social media platforms for personal and business use. Social media is. 9. Google Analytics. You might not naturally think of Google Analytics as a social analytics tool. It is, after all, where Google shows you analytics about your website. However, it is relevant, because it shows you how people arrive at your site - including via social media. Unlike most of these tools, Google Analytics is totally free

Web-Analytics wird auch als Web-Controlling, Web-Analyse oder Traffic-Analyse bezeichnet. Moderne Tools setzen dabei auf eine Cookie-basierte Analyse.Hier werden Cookies auf dem Rechner der Besucher einer Website gespeichert. Von den Besuchern einer Website werden in Tools wie etracker oder Google Analytics Nutzungsprofile angelegt. Und genau da werden Datenschutzbeauftragte hellhörig Google Analytics Tag 206. Kontroll Liste Corporate Blog - Technik. Auf welchen System veröffentlichen wir? WordPress, eigene Webseite, Blog? WordPress hat den Vorteil, sehr viele Plugins bereit zu stellen. - Tracking und Monitoring. Besucheranalysen sind immens wichtig. WordPress bietet hier schon einiges an. Achtung bei Facebook Fanseite - hier sind nicht alle Parameter permanent. Die soziale Phase bei Google ist noch lange nicht vorbei: Selbst Analytics wird jetzt sozial. Das neue Social-Plugin-Tracking zeigt, welche Effekte die Einbindung von Social-Media-Widgets von. This article has a step-by-step guide to help you set up and use Google Analytics for Social Media. Step 1 - Create Goals . The first step is to create goals for your social media campaign. Goals provide a guideline for your social media campaign. Without them, it is easy to lose track of the planning process and create a haphazard campaign. Experienced marketers use the SMART goals. Add Social Media Goals in Google Analytics. Now that you have set up a Google Analytics tracking code for your website, it's time to add your social media goals to your Google Analytics Dashboard. Some of the most common goals are traffic, downloads, dwell time and page views. You can add your social media goals by logging into your Google Analytics account and clicking on the Admin.

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Social media analytics with Google involves the practice of gathering from blogs and social media websites. Most businesses will use social media analytics to support marketing and customer service activities. Here are the steps that you must understand to develop a great a social media analytics initiative Make sure you set up a Google Analytics account if you don't have one already (1:17). It's completely free, and the easier link to do so is marketingplatform.google.com. All you need is a Gmail-based email account, and then from there, you link it to your website so it's able to measure your website traffic

Google Analytics monitors many user activities by default, but there are others you may be interested in measuring. By creating events you can measure any action that users carry out by clicking, that's to say interactive actions. We can measure clicks on links, social media icons, downloads, playing videos ect The Google Analytics social media segment will help you get a better understanding of the value of your social media efforts. (Images are scaled down so click on them to get a better view). Creating a Google Analytics social media segment Google Analytics has a feature called Advanced Segments

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We've broken down the key Google Analytics elements Social Media Managers need to know in order to draw real insights and improve their marketing strategies. Fun, yes? Yes! Adding Google Analytics. If you don't have Google Analytics on your website, add it ASAP - you're missing out on valuable data. To set up Google Analytics, you create an account and add a unique Google Tracking Cod Google Analytics looks at the referring URL of the visit. If the URL matches one of the domains they've assigned to a social media network, it pops up in your social reports under the corresponding social network. And Google Analytics uses a list of about a 100 domains to assign traffic to social networks Eines der wichtigsten Werkzeuge für Online-Marketing-Strategen ist wohl Google Analytics. Dieses ermöglicht die statistische Auswertung der Besucherströme sowie die Reichweitenmessung. So können Websites entsprechend optimiert und erweitert werden

Google's Social Analytics allows marketers to view and report on the value that social media adds throughout the conversion process. This means that marketers can view the conversion paths where a visit from a social media site was a part of the visitor's site session before converting, as well as the conversion paths where the visitor's source and medium were from a referring social. Social media analytics (eg Twitter, Facebook) are useful. But Google Analytics is invaluable once people have actually arrived on your website. It's the best tool to measure user acquisition, behaviour and interests. If you haven't already done so, read how to get started with Google Analytics Google Analytics unterscheidet ganz klar zwischen Nutzern und Sitzungen. Mit dem Trackingtool Google Analytics hat man die Möglichkeit sehr viele Informationen über die Benutzung seiner Website zu bekommen. Die reinen Daten bringen aber noch keinen Mehrwert, wenn man diese nicht richtig zu interpretieren weiß. Deshalb ist es als Grundstock erst einmal wichtig, zwischen Nutzern, Sitzungen. This is why you're going to want to quickly learn how to use Google Analytics for Social Media Managers, but learn how to use it intelligently - and efficiently - to give you both a big picture view of your social media marketing efforts as well as a more ground-level understanding of what you can do to improve your marketing efforts. Here is just a little bit of information you.

In Google Analytics, for example, marketers navigate to the Acquisition section in the menu and select Social. The Social segment contains several reports that highlight social media related. Why Is Google Analytics Important For Social Media Marketers. Whether you're a large or a small business, most of the businesses today, use social media to spread brand awareness and drive sales, So, it is essential for the social media marketers to understand the power of Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps you to track where your visitors come from and how often, if they engage with. In conjucntion with a good social media management tool, Google Analytics can help you surpass your social media marketing goals. Setting up your Google Analytics account You can setup a functional Google Analytics account in under 10 minutes. All it takes is this simple, 3 step process Social media verkeer meten in Google Analytics: hoe doe ik dat? Door: Tim van Dongen 4 april 2019 Social media is op dit moment in Nederland erg populair met 10,1 miljoen gebruikers op Facebook, 4,9 miljoen gebruikers op Instagram en 8,7 miljoen gebruikers op YouTube In diesem Workshop vertiefen wir die Kenntnisse in den diversen Google Diensten wie Search Console, Analytics und Google Ads, Google Tag Manager.Sie lernen die unterschiedlichen Google Dienste aufzusetzen, zu optimieren und auszuwerten und mit den Social Media Anwendungen zu verbinden. Einrichten der Google Dienste Search Console, Analytics, Business und tag Manage

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Crowd Source Google Analytics Insights. This solutions gallery contains in-product solutions (such as dashboards, custom reports and segments) to deepen your use of Google Analytics and accelerate your learning curve. Whether you're a newbie or guru, they will help you learn more about your data through the power of Google Analytics. Get started with our featured solutions below or refine. Die Plattform deckt über 100 Social Media Seiten ab, einschließlich Twitter, Facebook, YouTube und Google. Twazzup - Sie können nach einem Markennamen, Schlüsselwörtern oder einem Hashtag suchen und so Realtime Monitoring und Analytics betreiben Using Google Analytics properly makes you a far more effective digital marketer. This new infographic from Feldman Creative and Orbit Media Studios looks.. Google Analytics and Your Social Campaigns. Well, how to track social media analytics using Google? First, you must understand the four basic metrics that Google Analytics centers its reports around. These metrics show you exactly how effective your social media campaigns are, where your brand can improve, and where they are most successful

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